The Printing Process

What it takes to screen print each job.

The Process2018-10-23T19:49:05+00:00
For every great shirt there’s a process to get there. Here’s a quick list just to give you an idea of what’s involved.
  • Pick out your garments. Start designing the graphics for the shirt. You can do that at U-Design-IT, or have me do it at I-Design-It (takes 1 week for me to design it).

  • Print the film outputs and put the emulsion on the clean screen.  Dry the screen in the drying cabinet.

  • Register the film on the screen and expose it in the exposure unit.

  • Wash out the screen in the washout booth and put it back in the drying cabinet.

  • Tape the screen off and register it on the press.

  • Put the ink in the screens and run a test print to check the registration.  Micro-register if you need to.

  • Double count the shirts. Program the printer and and start printing the shirts.

  • Put the shirts through the dryer to cure the ink.  Count the shirts again and box them up.

  • Remove the tape off the screen and clean the ink off.  Then put the ink in the diptank to remove the emulsion.

  • Wash the screen off with a power washer in the washout booth.  Scrub the screen off with dehazer.

  • Spray the screen off one more time and put it in the drying cabinet to start the process all over again.